CDP Chair Announces Extraordinary Agreement between Thorburn and Cisneros Campaigns in CD 39

Los Angeles - California Democratic Party Chair Eric C. Bauman today announced an agreement between Gil Cisneros and Andy Thorburn to halt negative campaigning against each other and focus on promoting themselves in the last three weeks of the Primary campaign. The agreement, which was mediated by Chair Bauman with the support of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, will ensure that voters in the 39th District have positive visions to choose from in capturing one of the critical seats that will determine control of the U.S. House of Representatives. See below for Chair Bauman's statement, as well as a joint statement from the respective campaigns. 

"One of the most crucial indicators of Democratic enthusiasm that is driving the Big Blue Wave heading towards Republicans this year is the unprecedented number of Democrats running for Congress in California and across our nation. Democratic energy and activism have already frightened two California incumbents into retirement and our challengers are out-performing and out-fundraising GOP incumbents in districts where Democrats haven’t been competitive in decades.

“We have some truly talented and accomplished individuals running as first-time candidates. One of the biggest concerns to arise from this outpouring of energy is that the competition in the Primaries can become so heated and divisive it impedes our ability to unite behind the person chosen by the voters to represent our Party in the fall campaign.
“In recent weeks, we have seen that dynamic begin to assert itself in the 39th Congressional District, where we have successfully driven the incumbent, Ed Royce, into retirement. 
“I am pleased to announce that, after many productive and cooperative discussions and good-faith gestures by both candidates, we have reached an extraordinary agreement between candidates Gil Cisneros and Andy Thorburn that will ensure our voters can make an informed choice, free from the corrosive and divisive tactics that have hurt Democratic candidates in the past.
“Both candidates have agreed to refrain from attacking each other and to refocus their campaigns on two principle efforts: promoting their positive visions for our country and highlighting their contrast with the corrupt, incompetent Trump Republicans. The last thing our Party needs, and the last thing the voters want, is a divisive and negative Primary campaign that undermines our chances in November. Thanks to this unusual agreement between these candidates, we will have the contest our Party needs and the voters deserve in the 39th District.
“Andy Thorburn and Gil Cisneros have demonstrated true and principled leadership with this agreement. They have put the grand interests of our nation and our Party ahead of their own personal considerations. This is the kind of leadership that will enable Democrats to win back the House, and it’s the kind of leadership that will help our country overcome the enormous challenges we face."

The Thorburn and Cisneros campaigns issued the following joint statement regarding this agreement:

“The opportunity to win this seat is too important for the two leading Democrats to squander it by focusing our fire on each other. In order to flip the 39th District, it is essential that at least one of us make it through the June primary and be in the best possible position to defeat Young Kim in November.  Therefore, today we each pledge that from here on out we will focus the entirety of our resources on communicating a positive message about our own campaigns and putting Democrats in the strongest possible position to take back the house.
“We will continue to run hard-fought campaigns based on our merits and pledge to support the Democratic nominee regardless of which one of us advances in the June primary.
“The differences between us are not nearly as great as the differences between us and Young Kim - who will continue Ed Royce's record of voting with Donald Trump. Our two campaigns, along with the California Democratic Party and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, are united in the goals of stopping Young Kim and turning this seat blue." 

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